Rental and sale

This is considered to be the traditional key competence of the estate agent. Terzol Vastgoed N.V. tries to discern itself on the market through a proactive approach. We handle a stepped marketing strategy. You, of course, remain in power of your purse, but we operate from common interest: the finding of a new owner or consumer. We review the premises, profile the target audience and subsequently approach them through various channels. Thereby we’re also tapping sources which are maybe less obvious.

Lease and lurchase

The commercial real estate market is our specialty and we constantly keep our eyes and ears open to discover new opportunities. This means that we also closely follow the offer(s) of our colleagues so we get out of it a suitable offer on time. We also gladly undertake this continuous search for suitable options for you.

We are willing to go to the extreme for our clients. We also support you when drafting the agreement, analyzing your investment portfolio, a risk assessment or a relocation analysis.