Our references

As a specialist in real estate and housing advice, we are active for a wide range of clients. We regularly act as a broker for (commercial) real estate or as a real estate advisor for housing. You can view the services of Terzol Vastgoed already provided below.


For various companies we mediated contact with potential candidates / buyers / tenants / financial institutions, in which Terzol Vastgoed was the negotiating partner during the negotiations, from intake to contracting.

Business Transfer

Carefully executed business succession prevents problems. Terzol Vastgoed successfully supervised the process of business succession for a client.

Tailor-made Strategic Housing Advice For foreign investors, Terzol Vastgoed N.V. has prepared the ‘Strategic Housing and Real Estate Advisory Report’ which includes an inventory of high end and commercial real estate such as offices, commercial stores and shops in Suriname. Supplemented by an extensive environmental analysis of the exploited real estate including expansion possibilities and forecasts of the commercial zones of large Paramaribo and the port area of Suriname.

Leasehold Issues

Two of the many reasons why customers prefer Terzol Vastgoed are:

  • the expertise the latter has in-house to deal with the specific Surinamese problems surrounding long-term lease
  • the associated financing


Terzol Vastgoed has helped various national and international clients in managing their real estate and asset portfolio in a sustainable matter.