Mission, vision and core values



Terzol Vastgoed is your expert and reliable partner which in a progressive, transparent and sustainable way offers comprehensive services to national and international, corporate and private clients in Suriname.



It is the ambition of Terzol Vastgoed N.V. to be the most customer-oriented service provider in the field of buying and selling mediation, rent and rent out, appraisals, real estate management and consultancy in Suriname. We build lasting relationships with our customers, so that they act as ambassadors for our office.



• Customer Focus

We are professionals with a personal customer approach and at the same time we aim for a long-term relationship of trust with the customer.

• Craftsmanship

We are specialists with current knowledge and broad experience. Thanks to (continuing) education we know the wide range of financial products and both legal and tax options. This enables our clients to make personal and appropriate choices.

• Perseverance

We show courage, energy, passion and willpower to pursue your and our goal.

• Integrity

We are reliable in all facets of our work. Relationships can count on us to communicate transparently and that we comply with our agreements.

• Duty of Care

Duty of care towards our customers is our top priority. By thinking ahead we can anticipate potential future challenges.